$10 Christmas Truck 4-Day Challenge

The Christmas Truck is My Most Popular Christmas Painting to date! 

I have taught this to hundreds of women locally and now I am bringing it online to you in this challenge! 

Learn how to build and paint my Christmas Truck Pallet Board in just 4 days with simple step-by-step instructions each day! I will go live each day in our private Facebook group!

What You Get:

  • 4 LIVE tutorials taught by Christie in our private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to videos through the Facebook group
  • Video Tutorial on How to Build a Pallet Board
  • Pallet Board Supply List
  • Truck Template - Just print and trace onto canvas or pallet board!
  • Paint Color List
  •  24/7 Access to all materials
  •  Support and Guidance from Christie and peers within our group
  • Mentorship from Tribe Sisters in the Facebook Group! These ladies are going to help you along your painting journey!
  • Learn new painting techniques you can use at any level! (YES! Even if you have never painted before!)
  • Rights to teach this painting at local paint nights!
  • Time for you!! Give yourself permission to take this 4 days of "ME" time! You deserve it!
  • NEW - The chance to WIN a prize at the end of our challenge!!

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Christmas Truck Challenge




If you have always wanted to know how to paint but didn’t know where to start or never thought you could, this challenge is for you! 

If you have painted before but love this painting, this is for you! It's for everyone no matter what level you are at! Come join us! You are going to have so much fun!  

I can't wait to paint with you!

I promise this challenge is going to expand your artistic horizons. You are going to have so much fun! I'm going to give you all the tools you need to succeed. See you in the group!

Hey I'm Christie!

I’m the owner and founder of The Social Easel Online Paint Studio where I teach hundreds of students every month how to paint. My goal is to bring you joy and encouragement through painting! I have been an artist my entire life. I help people at all painting levels find their talent, love and passion for art! I am so thrilled you are here to learn more! If you are worried you can't do this, don't be! I have taught thousands of women just like you how to paint over the last 6 years. 95% of them have never even picked up a paintbrush before! This challenge is for anyone regardless of your level! Simple, fun and easy to follow!

Don't miss out! Join the Challenge NOW!

Order Summary
Christmas Truck Challenge